Álvaro Noboa Wins The Twitter-Meter For The Fifth Time

The rules change every day and the candidates should reach the goal in the time established. The followers of the Presidential hopefuls vote for their favorite.

Once again, Álvaro Noboa won the Twitter-Meter, reaching the goal WITH 101 votes, which was the amount set by Expreso Newspaper today to win the competition.

Álvaro Noboa’s followers took him to the hot zone in less than 30 minutes, and was crowned the winner. Guillermo Lasso was in second with 87 votes. It’s the fifth time Álvaro Noboa won the competition in a consecutive manner, which means that his followers persevere in order to take him across the winner’s line

I have a grand dream: to end poverty in Ecuador forever.
Ecuador – https://www.alvaronoboa.com/

In this presidential election, social networking has a key role for the first time, and the PRIAN leader stands out as he already has Facebook and Twitter accounts, just like his wife, Annabella, candidate for Vice-President. The party has its own accounts, as well, in both social networks, with thousands of followers whose numbers keep growing as the campaign advances.

Thank you to all of those who actively support Attorney Noboa in the Expreso Newspaper competition.