Alvaro Noboa´s attorney asks the Consulate of the United States to certify the date of departure from the country of the businessman, and refutes the SRI

Dr. Sylka Sanchez, Alvaro Noboa’s attorney, sent a letter to Mister David Lindwall, General Consul of the United States in Guayaquil, on April 18, requesting the certification that the businessman did not enter the United States on Match 15 of 2013, as assured by economist Carlos Marx Carrasco. General Director of the Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador (SRI).

The letter clears up that, under the statements made by economist Carrasco, in which he affirms to have “official” information provided by an alleged Attache of the Investigation Office of the National Security Department of the United States Government, with which he could prove that Alvaro Noboa had entered that country on Friday, March 15, it requests to be certified, in an official way, that Alvaro Noboa did not enter the United States on that date.

The document has an attached CD that contains the statements issued by the Director of the SRI, which were broadcasted by the news program of Gamatv on April 17 of 2013, at 13.27 and reiterates that the businessman left the country legally, after a Constitutional Judge granted him an habeas corpus that lifted the prohibition to leave the country that was issued against him in an illegal and unconstitutional way.

The judgement remains in force since no Ecuadorian Judge has revoked it, and as provided by the Constitution, only a Judge form the Judicial function, not an administrative employee of the SRI, can forbid a person to leave the country, the letter from Sylka Sanchez adds.

Download the Letter from Sylka Sanchez to the U.S. Consulate