Alvaro Noboa’s Mission

With God, more than once I was elected president of Ecuador and the trinca made me a fraud
and I do not give myself the power. They also did not receive the presidential sash, and so we see it in
history books, Marshal Antonio José de Sucre, who was never president of the
Ecuador despite having achieved our independence, likewise happened to
José Joaquín de Olmedo, Eugenio Espejo and a great Hindu, India with 1,300
Millions of people never made Mahatma Gandhi president, he didn’t want it either.
Brothers, the title does not matter, what matters to go down in history is to serve the
humanity, I have done it giving employment and health as no one has done, and it is what
humanity needs the most.
The history book and the people recognize it.
Therefore Ecuadorians, therefore citizens of the world, our mission must be to leave a
side with political struggles and unite all in one body to save our country and
To the whole world.
We must end poverty, we must end disease.
This is my mission.