Álvaro Noboa’s Tips for Ecuador, America and the World

Citizens of the world: in my fight, in my crusade against diseases and plagues that includes the flu called coronavirus, I am going to give you the recipes that have worked throughout the world and that have brought down the infection of this flu.

First, I recommend Neurobion, which is vitamin B.

Second, please use tonic water with quinine.

Third, for the fever, Paracetamol, as soon as the fever comes, they are taken several times, passing the Paracetamol of 1 gr a few hours. until the fever goes down.

Oral serums, such as Pedialyte three – four times a day. Vitamin C plus Zinc, when you buy it in the tubes that comes mixed vitamin C with Zinc.

Verbena tea is the most important food to be used, which had great success in Peru.

They gargle dry salt mixed with saliva, that changes the PH and this flu is a flu that cannot live with that PH changed by salt, gargle with saliva.

Already if stronger symptoms such as dry perennial cough, such as lack of oxygen begin, then please go see a doctor and they can do it with a doctor’s consultation without having to stay in a hospital and take Azithromycin 500g.

If conditions continue to worsen, Plaquinol 400g.

Keep taking Pedialyte oral serums, drink lemon verbena water.

Already if none of this is working, there are people who have very bad lungs with medical ventilators who have to resort to Intertemukin Alpha 2B from actemra.

It is important to clarify that most of the recommendations I have given have already been proven to be successful.

In China, which is where the Coronavirus began, the city of Wuhan was opened yesterday and anyone can enter and leave because they have already kicked the Coronavirus and brought it out dead.

The medicines that I have recommended many of them are natural foods, vitamins, salt, etc.

They do not need a prescription. But there are medicines that if they need a prescription and that I am going to name them next, this is to destroy the Coronavirus: Azithromycin 500 mg., It is only taken to start the fever along with the medicine and the name that is to lower fever. Second Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg., This is after medical consultation and follow-up. Third Tocilizumab very delicate its use and under medical supervision always.

The most important thing is to keep the body healthy and with high defenses so that a little flu of this size does not win us the war.

We have to kick it and leave it, as we do with the flu, with the flu, with any of those things.

And don’t panic, God is with you. Fear is the worst enemy.

Stand firm and we are going to win, there are already several areas of the Samborondón world in Ecuador, in China that managed to beat the coronavirus and that the number of sick and death is decreasing or zeroing.

There are countries like Costa Rica, Bolivia with very small numbers of coronavirus sufferers, the important thing is that your body is well. No drink, cigarettes or drugs, stay healthy.

Your immune system is your best ally, go to the pharmacy and ask what you should take to strengthen your immune system. I have given you several recipes in this speech, but anyone knows how to strengthen the immune system.

Whether or not you are sick with coronavirus so as not to infect others or be infected, keep these masks or similar ones made if you want at home with a large piece of cloth.

Keep gloves so as not to touch other people and that person infects them and keep at least two meters away from the person you suspect is sick. The best way to find out the onset of the disease is to see if you have a fever or not with a simple thermometer. From 38 ° centigrade upwards it is that they have a fever, it does not mean that everyone who has a fever has a coronavirus, the fever sometimes comes with other flu, because I repeat the coronavirus is nothing more than a flu.

Glory to God!

Long live Ecuador!