Attorney Alvaro Noboa attends Latin American businessmen summit

From 21 to 25 May of this year in Mexico City DF was held the twelfth annual meeting of the renowned event called “Entrepreneurs of Latin America, fathers and sons,” where the Ecuadorian entrepreneur Alvaro Noboa participated, who has been invited during the 12 years this summit has been conducted.

Carlos Slim Helu, renowned businessman, hosted this event that brought together the most successful and prominent entrepreneurs of countries such as Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, among others.

The issues addressed by this group of entrepreneurs were the world economy, problems, challenges and proposals for the new civilization, international and institutional presence of Latin American companies, strategic partnership of US and Latin America, investment opportunities and employment, among others.

Among the participants of the event were Gustavo Cisneros of Venezuela, Stanley Motta  from Panama and Alejandro Bulgheroni of Argentina.