[AUDIO] Álvaro Noboa’s Interview at Atalaya Radio Station


In an interview with Andrés Mendoza in Radio Atalaya, Álvaro Noboa stated that, like the majority of Ecuadorians, he felt convinced that Barcelona would be national champions.

“I’m thinking of going to the stadium to share this moment of happiness with the people, and to share it with my family who will also be joining me.”

“I bet Economist Correa $5 that Barcelona will be champions. He’s an Emelecista and I’m sure he’s worried.”

It’s a symbolic bet, stated Álvaro Noboa, upon ratifying that the Grupo Noboa would continue Barcelona according to their requirements.


Andrés Mendoza:  Greetings to Attorney Alvaro Noboa, PRIAN Presidential candidate for the Republic, leader of List 7. Greetings, and we want to confirm that Counselor Noboa is listening.

Álvaro Noboa:  I hear you perfectly. 

Andrés Mendoza:  Magnificent, in regards to that and to your presence here in Atalaya, yesterday you announced first in an interview in Ecuavisa, and then in a press conference that you held in the Molinera, that we thought was going to be held in the Barcelona Stadium, but later they told us it was going to be at the Molinera, Grupo Noboa’s support for the Idol of the Astillero.  How did this decision and this cooperation with the most popular team in the country come about?

Álvaro Noboa:  Well, look, with Barcelona we  have had a relationship of more than 50 years with Grupo Noboa. The first Barcelona shirts were from Quaker, if you remember.

Andrés Mendoza:  Of course. Later they were with Coca-Cola which was also part of the group at that time.

Álvaro Noboa:  Yes, when it was part of the group, that’s right. Then, under Isidoro Romero’s administration of Barcelona, when they won several championships, they had the support of Grupo Noboa. After that there were 14 years, 15 and a half years where there was no Grupo Noboa support with those administrations, until my nephews, the Noboa Ycazas arrived.

The Noboa Ycazas are like sons to me:  Antonio Noboa as much as Luis Noboa Ycaza. They’ve transformed the team. The report by Luis Noboa Ycaza has been audited and made public. Barcelona is in a very bad economic situation, so Lucho spoke to me about the possibility of financially supporting so that the flow would run well, especially in these last moments when it’s necessary that everything go in order, that the salaries are paid, that the soccer players are paid, and we, as Grupo Noboa will take over that.  We will assume that because of the 50 year relationship with that team, and because it is one more way to serve Ecuador, because in the middle of the poverty, unemployment and current state of crime, I think that the happiness of many Ecuadorians will be realized when they see their team, Barcelona, win.  It’s one more way of contributing to the Ecuadorian people.

Andrés Mendoza:  In this case, the debt that Barcelona Sporting Club has been dragging along since 1998 and which has been growing ever since. It’s more likely been Lucho and Toño Noboa Ycaza who have helped the team to function well and to bring things back to health, that things are working this year, that as much has been paid as possible. Nevertheless, I understand that Barcelona is $16 million or $20 million dollars in the hole, as far as I know, according to the audit that has been made known.

In this case, they are going to put down $700,000 dollars or yesterday $700,000 were put forward to bring the players up to date.

Álvaro Noboa:  $500,000 was already given yesterday, the rest we will continue to put down in accordance with the need. I maintain contact with Lucho, who is like a son to me, and I have full confidence in him. Those are the loans that they are going to pay in accordance with the improved income that Barcelona is going to have.

Andrés Mendoza:  One question. Is it possible, if not tonight, it will be the end of the week, that the Idol of the Astillero are champions. It’s known that you are neither a Barcelona nor an Emelece fan. We ask you: Are you going to go to Monumental Stadium?

Álvaro Noboa:  Yes, I am thinking of going to the Stadium to share this moment of happiness with the people, and to share it with my family who will also join me.

Andrés Mendoza:  Oh, perfect, yes, and by the way, your wife, Dr. Annabella Azín de Noboa is a soccer fan? She likes soccer?

Álvaro Noboa:  Yes, we both do. We share that, both of us.

Andrés Mendoza:  You have soccer fan friends, like Baquerizo, but he’s a Blue, but it’s all the same. Listen, Counselor, really, to us, who are Barcelona fans, and who have had 14, 15 years of sucking it up, it’s a very exciting, very happy moment, and not a moment too soon, this help of yours.  One question for the end. It’s given because we’re in an electoral campaign, because many people are going to ask themselves, is this because of the electoral campaign?

Álvaro Noboa:  I want to tell you of a coincidence:  that’98 was the year in which they robbed me of the elections and it was the last good year for Barcelona.  That this year would be the year of the elections and precisely the year in which Barcelona wins after 14 years. So this year Barcelona will be champions, surely Álvaro Noboa will be President.

Furthermore, I want to say that I have bet Economist Rafael Correa five dollars that Barcelona is going to be the new champions of Ecuador. He is an Emelece fan, and I imagine he’s worried.

Andrés Mendoza:  Why have you bet so much? What is the bet via Twitter?

Rodolfo Baquerizo:  Counselor, Álvaro Noboa, how are you?  Rodolfo Baquerizo sends you greetings. I’ll remind you that the supernumerary is bad, you’re confusing him with the five dollars.

Andrés Mendoza:  It’s that the amount is a bit surprising to us.

Rodolfo Baquerizo:  It’s a symbolic bet.

Andrés Mendoza:  Very well, we want to thank Counselor Noboa for being with us this morning in Punto de Vista via Atalaya. We are waiting then for what happens these days, and logically, on Sunday in Barcelona’s Monumental Stadium.

Álvaro Noboa:  Thank you very much. I’ll talk to you again soon. It’s my pleasure to do so

Andrés Mendoza:  Here they are doubling the bet, Assembly Member Octavio Villacreses, Álvaro, who wants to double the bet because he’s an Emelece fan.

Álvaro Noboa:  Accepted

Andrés Mendoza:  Imagine who wins, and I’ll keep the money. Ciao, gentlemen, good day!