Noboa insists on the union of the candidates

With God,
Ecuadorians, I feel the need and the patriotic responsibility of insisting day by day to candidates Guillermo Lasso, Cynthia Viteri, and General Paco Moncayo, to meet, to merge and choose a single candidate who represents the change of the Country, a single opposition candidate who runs against the government candidate Lenin Moreno. If we do not do this week, it will be impossible to do it later for reasons of electoral law.
The Government and the Alianza PAIS party are at the moment severely beaten by corruption issues that appear daily in the media and online throughout the country and around the world, although I want to tell you that only good things are said about Mr. Lenin Moreno.
Therefore, this is the opportunity to change these ten years that have been in charge of the government, this is the opportunity for those who want a change, for those who want employment, for those who want housing, for those who want a decent health care system, for those who want legal security and civil security, for those who want the freedom of the press, human rights, for those who want less taxes and that our salaries can afford the essential commodities and to put an end to these moments of economic deterioration for the middle class and the poor class. We also want to abolish drugs from schools across the country.
This great opportunity is given, and it is in the hands of three people to put aside their vanities, as I did, with pride and patriotism.
It is up to these three people to put aside vanity, to unite the Ecuadorian people, since most of the Ecuadorian people want a change, only 26% want the continuity and the rest claims a change.
Therefore, let us unite Ecuadorians to achieve this change that we have wanted for ten years, and that is about to happen, as long as these three candidates: Guillermo Lasso, Cynthia Viteri, and General Paco Moncayo merge in a single candidate.
Thank you very much.
Glory to God!
Long live Ecuador!