Cauce Democrático and Noboa predict a triumph for ‘No’

The forum, Cauce Democrático (Democratic Channel) and former presidential candidate for the Prian, Álvaro Noboa, hold out hope for a triumph for “No” in the referendum next Saturday, but they are concerned about the actions of the electoral organization during the process.

Yesterday, during a press conference, Noboa indicated: “In the referendum this weekend, my vote is “No”, because like all Ecuadorians, I am sick of the arrogance.”

“Furthermore, I think that this election is not a democratic election because we have an Electoral Tribunal that clearly adheres to the Regime, that has declared the Chief of State to be its political subject, and which is campaigning openly. I also think that this vote is not democratic because there is great control over the Ecuadorian press, and that is very bad, because the press always has to be independent,’ he reaffirmed.

Meanwhile, members of the forum, Cauce Democrático, expressed their confidence yesterday that the regime will lose this round of the referendum, and in that way halt what, in their opinion, is a authoritarian project.

Attending the press conference were, among others, former president of the Republic, Osvaldo Hurtado; former minister of Defense, José Gallardo; former presidents of Congress, Guillermo Landázuri, Wilfrido Lucero; and Jurist Enersto Albán Gómez.

Hurtado considered it an achievement if the “No” were to win and underlined the concerns regarding this campaign, given that President Rafael Correa utilized all the modes of communication and state assets to promote the “Yes” with no control by authorities.

Jurist Ernesto Albán repeated that the questions would not allow crime to be combated and that the only thing being sought was a control over the justice system.