Christmas Mass Takes Place at Industrial Molinera

Today, December 24, Industrial Molinera, lead by businessman Álvaro Noboa, performed their annual mass to commemorate the Christmas Eve. The event was followed by the preachers words on the birth of Christ and the love that mankind must express to each other.

During the mass the words of the preacher were accompanied by Christmas carols performed by several members of the Molinera Industry. Afterwards the Priest concluded the ceremony wishing the Noboa family a Merry Christmas.

After the ceremony, businessman Álvaro Noboa addressed all the members that attended the mass. Noboa stated that even when he is publicly attacked by the media, he still works for the well being of others. He also expressed his gratitude towards them since they are part of his family company too. On his speech Álvaro Noboa wished them all happy holidays and reassured that the success of the company lies in their effort too. Afterwards the Noboa family said goodbye to all the guests.