Distinguished Phrases From Álvaro Noboa’s Speech Part 2

Education is free and is our right.

One has to put aside fear, and on Sunday, February 17, walk with one’s head held high to submit a vote to achieve wellbeing.

One has to submit one’s vote in order to lower prices on food and domestic appliances.

One has to submit one’s vote against unemployment by voting for Álvaro Noboa for President.

I have dedicated years of my life to this fight, and I won’t consider making deals with anyone, either in Ecuador nor abroad.

I am going to use all of my ingenuity to serve the 14.5 million Ecuadorians and to transform each one of them into human beings who live with dignity.

I will restore lost rights to teachers.

I will lower taxes, because in that way thousands of Ecuadorian and foreign investors will come.

We should break the chains of fear to prevent another fraud from occurring in the history of Ecuador.

I will continue my fight to get Ecuadorians out of poverty, because I LOVE YOU, ECUADOR!