I stay with Álvaro

Some crack wise like to say “Alvarito”. I was watching an interview by David Reinoso with Luis Vivanco, whom I respect for being one of the few investigative journalists in the country, and while Luis was laughing at David for saying that he has voted for my father and would vote for him in the future,  I came across a reality. Because of their occurrences and posts, there is a large group of people who want to describe my father as dumb or as crazy. I do not blame them. I even understand them. It makes them feel superior intellectually to make fun of someone who is in the public eye and has even run for president. I’ve seen some of “the great minds of the 21st century” do the same, and that’s okay. Who am I to deprive you of a little bit of comedy. Now I ask you something.Do you know who Álvaro is? Let’s put Alvarito aside for a while and review a couple of Alvaro’s details.
Did you know that Alvaro did not inherit his companies? I know that the question I ask sounds implausible, because that is how the argument that he is simply an heir who took no risk in his development as a professional begins to collapse. He buys the inheritance from my grandfather’s second wife and is plunged into gigantic debts that he had to pay throughout his life with the sweat of his forehead and his ingenuity in situations of extreme pressure. Debts that, if they had not been fulfilled, would have broken him financially (and only financially because I know his character and that is unshakable). -Impossible! many will say. Especially people who have taken out a loan for business and know the pressure with which you live day by day knowing that if you do not pay it, it is the roof of your house that you have mortgaged. Imagine just for a second to climb that mountain and everything you leave behind to achieve it. Imagine now, having generated enough in the businesses that you made grow, to pay the debts that you assumed and in the midst of that feeling of personal satisfaction feeling a call from God (if you believe in any). “Pana if you see all the companies that you have made grow and the new ones that you have created, all the lives that you have changed generating employment and the challenge that you have managed to overcome? Now look, I want you to risk all that and try to help change the country that is collapsing. ”
I must admit that at this point I drop the argument I had to defend my father’s sanity. Only a little crazy would do something like that. I personally believe that there is nothing dirtier than Ecuadorian politics. Yet there it was. He served as a successful President of the Monetary Board and was blatantly robbed of the elections in ’98, but he had a call that was not going to go easily and was launched several more times, fighting against the partycracy that was not going to allow anyone to go outside. their circle stops the party.
He undertook his fight against the country’s poverty and ran into Rafael Correa on this road who, in addition to striving to destroy his image, threatened to take away part of his legacy, thus abusing the power that was not his, but the Ecuadorian people’s, to pay a personal quarrel. What did the lawyer do while the rest of the great businessmen and politicians of Ecuador spoke ill of Correa in the holes in their houses in Samborondón and Cumbaya? He lowered his head, hid himself and traded as many of them did with fear and humiliation? Nothing like that is not Álvaro. He faces it publicly. He has more than a hundred million in assets but not a penny of his character. That he does not know how to negotiate. Many of us are brave when we have little to lose but it is not there that value is measured.
Perhaps it is partly because he faced death when he was kidnapped and tortured or perhaps it was because he had Luis Noboa Naranjo as his father and mentor the greatest entrepreneur in the history of the country, but Álvaro is not made of the same thing as the rest of us. Is different. Part of that eccentricity is reflected in his different posts to say the least and the hurricane confrontations that I do not like personally to be honest, but they will never take away the quality of man he is and the purity in his intentions to transmit to the world the courage and positivism that have brought it forward. Be careful those videos are going to confuse you and underestimate your intellectual capacity, the day you have to debate with him or confront him in the professional field because that would be his greatest sin.
For my benefit and not yours, Ecuador has not elected him as president. Ecuador currently prefers another candidate profile. He prefers another type of courage, another type of integrity. You prefer people that the only asset they have put at risk is yours. Let us know why we are indebted on such unfavorable terms with the Chinese. He prefers candidates who have not managed a store but who speak super nice and the only eccentricities they manifest are those that they exhibit at parties and trips that arm with the money that they have stolen from them in “contracts”. They prefer the great thinkers, masters and PHDs who have clung to the state tit to live and are terrified to release it so they give in to any pressure that could put their job at risk.
They prefer the generous money of others who do works with a price premium but who have never helped a person with a disability by delivering a wheelchair and worse, they have thought of starting a foundation like the New Humanity Crusade that has been assisting for more than 35 years with medicines and food in the country’s slums. I thank you from my heart for not having chosen my father from 2002 here. They have allowed me to keep him close while he continues to develop his business legacy and I continue to learn from him day by day. I sincerely hope that he will not run again to the presidency. So you can keep the satire, the memes, the videos and the mockery. They can keep Alvarito. I join the “bobitos” and the “loquitos” who have had the privilege of knowing, admiring and living near Álvaro.

– Juan Noboa