Media reaction towards the Alvaro Noboa Interview at Ecuavisa

On Wednesday September 6th 2012, the lawyer Álvaro Noboa gave an interview at Contacto Directo, news program that is brodcasted by Ecuavisa. After a few hours of this dialogue, many newspapers, radios, and TV stations started to write and analiza the answers given by the PRIAN presidential candidate. We share with you a few links of interest:


Alvaro Noboa indicated that the goverment is dedicated to persecute him  in order for him to be discouraged and not to run for president. One strategy is to use the SRI (Servicios de Rentas Internas or Ecuadorian IRS) to charge one of his companies, Bananera Noboa, the amount of 49 million dollars, while the biggest competitor of the company is only being charged 700.000 dollars. Additionally, the judge Augusto Posligua, who gave an order of injunction for the Noboa company, was suspended for 90 days, and later he was sued.

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There is a terror campaigns very similar to the one realized to El Universo, where every judge that has given the reasons to us, has been fired, and all the judges that has given the reason to the Chief of State, has been promoted”, indicated Álvaro Noboa. “However, though I’m on a political persecution I will not remove my postulation for President, since there are only two candidates in Ecuador: Correa y Álvaro Noboa“.

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