Memorable Quotes of Álvaro Noboa’s Speech at his Campaign Closing

Six years ago, one million Ecuadorians declared themselves to be in poverty, and received the Voucher. Today, there are nearly two millions who take it.

We will break the chains of slavery when we don’t have to ask for charity, or go out and robe in order to feed our families.

We will break the chains of slavery when Ecuadorians can express themselves freely.

We will break the chains of slavery  when the 30% who today say they haven’t decided, can say, freely that they are with Noboa.

In the Álvaro Noboa Plan, Ecuadorians can responsibly use the resources of this country in order to get out of poverty.

In order to prevent fear, we’ve got nothing more to do than walk with our heads held high and ignore those who persecute us.

I am sure that the 14 million Ecuadorians do not need for another country to put us in their shadow. We can produce freely.

I was pressured by a Military Junta to fight for human rights. And I’ve never gone on my knees before anyone.

February 17 we can submit the vote for studies, against crime, against unemployment, and vote for Álvaro Noboa.

I have dedicated myself to this fight for Ecuador and therefore I will not make pacts, but rather continue fighting for the country, and dedicate my best efforts toward it.

A crime wave has invaded the country with the permission of this government. And I will fight under my government.

We can’t remain with our arms crossed if they want to steal the Presidency from us. As they  did in 1998. We will not permit it again.

We will never allow them to steal our dreams and our efforts from us.  We will not allow these incompetent governments.

I love you Ecuador because you have trusted me, because together we have the same ambition to leave these corrupt governments behind.