Lawyer and Businessman, Alvaro Noboa clarifies again that the lands of Engabao are owned by Grupo Noboa


Through social media, Alvaro Noboa, announced that the lands that are disputed in Engabao, belong to the hacienda or estate called “La Merceditas”, which belongs to Grupo Noboa.

His statement is the following:

Lawyer Jefferson Caicedo, prosecutor of turn in Playas,

Today, by your instruction, police entered the Hacienda Merceditas 1, after you have had long conversations with the lawyer Javier Valverde, and employees and executives who were working with livestock on this hacienda were arrested.

I would like to inform you, Attorney Jefferson Caicedo, with all the respect you deserve as a prosecutor of the time of Playas, that this same lawyer Javier Valverde, that  Fernando Alvarado who participated for many years in the Correa government, and Alberto Mach, the man who was and continues to be detained for a long time, for crimes that have been accused to him, it is suspected that the the land of Merceditas 1 was invaded, and three houses were built next to the Port of Engabao, and also  where these people arrived , before one of them was arrested, another one removed from the government, and the other is Javier Valverde, who will be with you today.

These same men have gone looking for you, to get the legitimate owners out of the hacienda, its employees and executives, after they have allegedly invaded and built houses in the La Merceditas 1 land which is not theirs. And it is easy for you, Mr. Prosecutor, to ask each and every one of them to give you the deeds of those houses and those lands they are occupying in La Merceditas 1, next to Puerto Engabao.

Therefore, knowing you are a serious person, we will think that one of them will go to prison.

I wanted to give the news that in Merceditas and in other lands we are working on a new and special cattel called wagyu or Kobe beef, which is the most expensive in the world, and we believe that this will bring wealth and job opportunities for Ecuador.

But the era of Correa´s empire has to end.

The era of drug trafficking has to end, where canoemen died from Puerto Engabao, killed perhaps by traffickers.

Engabao has fallen in bad hands, that’s why there are many in prisoned.

Therefore, we alert al Ecuador we must stop delinquency, the drug traffic, and the land invasion that affects our country.

Let’s make this country, a great country

Let’s keep supporting president Lenin Moreno so that a  new assembly does the corrections and that will also be done by referendum.


Glory to God, Ecuadorians

Thank you.