Alvaro Noboa´s message to employers was broadcast by Telerema

With God.-

First I want to thank a great number of entrepreneurs across Ecuador, who have confirmed the strike today by email. Here I have their email’s, and as you can see there is a significant number. I thought that none of them would accept the invitation, because I think that economist Correa is the candidate of the extreme right, the richest businessmen of Ecuador did not accept the invitation to the strike, because they were the ones who financed the campaign of Correa, as you know, spoken by the mouth of themselves, and therefore they also continue having private dinners with Correa, they continue talking with Correa, they will not go to the strike if they talk privately in private dinners with Correa because Correa is going to admonish them.

I’m a center-left candidate, I was imprisoned in 1973 for being a leftist student and I continue to support leftist ideas in the social sphere; in trade matters, I believe in trade, I believe in free enterprise, and the Chinese who are communists also believe in free enterprise, so I call myself of center-left, you can be socially a leftist, and seek the best for the people, and in trade you can believe in free enterprise.

The reason why I asked for the resignation of economist Correa is because he has served two terms. We do not want to celebrate his 95th birthday, after 50 or 40 years with him in power, as they are celebrating Fidel Castro´s in Cuba because this goes against democracy.

He has concentrated the power and I think he should already reflect about this, and it’s time for him to voluntarily retire with these mafias he has around him, the same I have mentioned several times in the media, the people who has supported and funded his campaign, which is Ecuador’s largest oligarchy, he has become the most richest figure, although he is not, of Ecuador: he travels in a 40 million dollars airplane, and instead of being like Che Guevara leading the masses, the indigenous, (he should be like Che Guevara leading the indigenous, leading the idealistic and revolutionary masses), instead he travels in a 40 million dollars plane, he walks with 300 policemen watching over him, I walk in the streets and everyone tells me every place I go ‘Alvarito let me take a picture with you!’

I do not hang with 300 policemen who take care of me, why do they look after him? Because 70% of Ecuadorians now hate him, because he went from being a young revolutionary, to someone who feigns to be a right-wing dictator.

He has a beautiful family, a first-class wife, first-class children, it’s time for him to retire and give way for new ideas, to a change in these times of political and economic crisis in Ecuador, because we are in a crisis today, oil broke the lowest price in recent years, but I want to clarify something, he received Ecuador´s administration with high oil prices, it was a lottery, a lottery he spent. Now he has to govern, but not with a lottery but economic rules, he does not know how to do it.

Thank you very much gentlemen for your support, big, medium entrepreneurs across the country who have stopped the activities of their companies, and those big businessmen who are still funding Correa´s movements, continue with him and sink with him.”

Thank you Ecuadorians !