Power to the people Álvaro for President

PRIAN running mates vote in Guayaquil.

PRIAN List 7 candidates for President and Vice-President of the Republic,  Álvaro Noboa and Annabella Azín, respectively, carried out their civic act of voting, accompanied by family members, friends, sympathizers and under massive attention from the media.

At 10.30 this morning, Sunday, February 17, the running mates and husband-and-wife team  visited the polling station located at national school, Ana Paredes de Alfaro, in Sucre and Chimborazo streets, in the Rocafuerte area of Guayaquil. Álvaro Noboa voted at men’s table 21, and Annabella Azín at woman’s table 3.

After voting, the running mates thanked Ecuadorians and their supporters and announced that they would gather their campaign teams in the National Institutional Renovation Action Party (PRIAN) offices.