Press Release Álvaro Noboa [February 5, 2013]

Álvaro Noboa: Ecuadorians, you reap what you sow. Economist Rafael Correa has generated violence in this country, such as the political persecution of many people, among them, myself. The persecution against El Universo Newspaper, and against many other journalists.  The disappointment of the teachers, the disappointment of the Police, the disappointment of university students. He has not been able to control the crime wave, and what happened yesterday in Quinindé, Esmeraldas?  A man kills two people and injures several more just before the meeting of Economist Correa. This diabolic act happened in Esmeraldas, and they were face to face – violence and Correa – looking at each other very closely. It is no longer necessary to prove to the country the state in which we live. This is the last nail in his political coffin that Correa needed.