PRIAN Presidential running mates, Álvaro Noboa and Annabella Azín, toured district #3 in Pichincha today (January 10).

Upon their arrival at Mariscal Sucre International Airport, the Presidential running mates were received by the media in the capitol city, who accompanied them to the Carapungo sector in the Calderón parish, from where they planned to begin their tour in the Gran Aki Commercial Center located at Padre Luis Vaca and Marina de Jesús Avenues at 2pm.

Participating in the motorcade were Hipatia Balseca, Roberto Aguilar, María José Toral and Napoleón Villa (Pichincha District #3 candidates to the Assembly); Lidia León (Andean Parliament), Eliana Azin and Roberto Ponce (National Assembly Members) , who traveled in the company of the PRIANIST running mates to the clothes alterations workshop of Mrs. Doris Chalá Maldonado to whom they delivered an industrial sewing machine and other sewing implements. In that way, this simple family mother not only will be able to establish her own business, but will also create employment with her micro-enterprise.

This creation of another micro-enterprise forms part of the “Álvaro Noboa” Plan, by which he demonstrates what his government will be like. “I don’t make promises, I give work! From today, Doris Chalá will have her own micro-enterprise: a clothes alterations workshop,” indicated Noboa.

Carapungo residents indicated to Noboa that they were tired of the corruption and the state of abandonment by the current Government in which they find themselves, to which the businessman responded:  “Ecuadorians don’t want speeches, they want jobs, and that is the symbol of what I will do in my government.

With these actions, Álvaro Noboa demonstrates with facts that “these are works, not words.”


Here we are in the Carapungo neighborhood with Doris Chalá who has a clothes alterations business, and in the name of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, we are bringing her an industrial sewing machine so that she can establish a micro-enterprise. In that way, we are generating work:   I DON’T PROMISE WORK, I GIVE WORK.

Ecuadorians do not want to hear speeches, they want to see works and these works are a symbol of all the work that I will do in my government.

I would like to say to Ecuadorians, I studied at the State University, and I offer the same to all Ecuadorians:  that they choose their profession according to their preferences; that they don’t have to take an entrance exam; and that the University will be free.

That is democracy! That is democracy!

We have already contributed restaurants, we have contributed shops, now we are contributing a clothes alteration business. With all the paper that the candidates have dedicated themselves to wasting, instead of giving you the blah-blah-blah-blah, we are undertaking acts that produce jobs. Thank you, thank you very much!

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