Public note for Alvaro Noboa in Expreso Newspaper

Dear Sir,

As always, Álvaro, I am grateful to you, for agreeing to publish articles in defense of the integrity of the nation in your magazine during the last critical days of negotiations with Peru.. Furthermore, you published my work when I have felt like a pariah in my own country for having opposed a capitulating submission that would not have brought any benefit to Ecuador. Thanks to the publication of my latest articles on the topic in La Verdad, at least there will not be any anti-patriotic justifications later on, and what could happen in the future in regards to maritime territories is being made known.

I know that you love this country, and that you, too, have been made a victim of its politics. In the elections of ’98, fraud was committed against you. The fortunes of this nation would be entirely different had you won. I am sure that you would not have given up half of the country, as Mahuad did. But, in the end, it is our fate to look ahead and to hope for better days.

I congratulate you on having the courage to denounce the unjustified demand (I refer here to the publication that you have submitted to today’s press), given that he who remains silent, gives consent, and he who concedes, invites more abuse.

My appreciation at this moment refers to the article published in the April 2010 edition of the magazine, entitled:

“How the Chilean position regarding maritime territory affects Ecuador”

I hope that this editorial, which without your publication would have been non-existent, serves as a guide. I also thank you for the additional copy of the magazine that you have sent me.

Taking the opportunity of this letter to reiterate my feelings of highest regard and esteem.

Please accept my embrace,
Norma Plaza de García