Robert F. Kennedy on the Country

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known humanitarian and environmental activist was in the country to offer a conference invited by businessman Álvaro Noboa.

Last Friday night, on the facilities of Industrial Molinera, the American spoke f his experience on those fields of action.

Meanwhile, Noboa assured that in 40 years, on this planet the population would grow by a 30% of people and that “the bad news are that the resources are scarce and the possible changes on the weather would limit the capacity of those 9,000 million of habitants have access to the consumption standard that they need”.

Both businessmen informed the work that is performed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). A world association that has over 200 companies working exclusively on the business sector and its development.

The WBCSD was created on 1995 through a fusion with the Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Industry Council for Environment, which has its main headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and has an office in Washington D.C. United States.