I am a Warrior of God and of the Great Nation of Ecuador.

My mission in this war is to take Ecuador from a state of poverty to becoming one of the richest per capita countries in the world. With the strength^and spirit of God behincl me and with my love for Ecuador in my heart, i will destroy anyone standing in my way as i will destroy corruption, drugs, poverty, injustice, and dictatorship. I will eradicate all that has brought us to the verge of being an uncivilized state. I want to turn Ecuador into one of the most civilized and advanced countries in the world.

Ecuadorians have what it takes to achieve this. Why haven’t they made it yet? Because of a lack of education, a lack of financial resources, and politicians who preach that they dedicate themselves to stealing from hardworking rich people in order to give to the
poor but instead dedicate themselves to stealing from the poor. The state belongs to the poor and to all the citizens of Ecuador. Our country is filled with newly rich thieves who have ransacked government coffers. They have done so in such a way that Ecuador, a country where there is bananas, there is shrimp, there is coffee, there is cacao, there is copper, there is gold, there is oil, there is tourism, and there is fishing, is immersed
in poverty on account of these evil politicians.

My mission is to bring financial resources to Ecuador. I will establish the world’s most modern educational systems and provide the necessary financial resources so that ecuadorians will become rich instead of being poor and have the ability to turn this country into one of the richest in the world.

My mission is that everyone will have cement housing. My mission is that food, nowadays laden with taxes, will be available at low costs as a result of stripping away taxes and increasing production. This way every ecuadorian can afford good and inexpensive nourishment.

My mission is to provide health for each and every ecuadorian and to do away with illness and all that prevents ecuvadorians from becoming people like none other. I will march ahead of Ecuador leading the way for all ecuadorians. I will be in the middle of the march inspiring ecuadorians who may be tired. I will be behind the march pushing those ecuadorians getting left behind because Ecuador and Alvaro Noboa are one in the same. I am Ecuador and Ecuador is Alvaro Noboa!

My final mission is not Washington’s dream, or Bolivar’s dream, or San Martin’s dream, or
Colonel Chavez’s dream. My final mission is to unite the americas into one country, a single union. At that moment there will be no need for resources from outside America. In America, from Canadá to Brazil, there is everything americans need.

When i pass away, being the richest man in Ecuador, my greatest legacy will not be my wealth. My greatest legacy will be to bequeath a fighting spirit, a working spirit, a spirit of strength, a spirit of persistence and a respect for freedom to all ecuadorians. I will transmit to each ecuadorian the absence of fear that god has given me. I will comply with each letter i have written because i love Ecuador and jt js my mission entrusted to me by God. I will fulfill this mission because it is the goal of my life. When i am gone i will leave this legacy to all of you.

Glory to God!
Long live Ecuador!
Onward Ecuadorians Onward!
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