Speech of Alvaro Noboa During The Introduction of the Judges at the III Biennial of Painting [VIDEO]

Members of the press I thank you for your presence

It is an honor for me to have you here at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum. This press conference, to which you have been summoned, is to present you the members of the jury, whose objective is to choose one painting out of a hundred artworks or more of the hundreds we have received from 20 countries and 14 provinces of Ecuador.

This titanic effort was made by a group of collaborators in barely two months and it doesn’t have precedents in the history of the city of Guayaquil and Ecuador.

Painters of countries from North America as well as Canada, United States and Mexico, painters from Latin America countries like Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Artists from European countries like England, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Serb, France and Spain and countries from Euro Asia like Russia and Ukraine are also participating.

We are here with a difficult task of the people that I am going to present, since they will choose the winner of Biennial. The second award and to the five third places besides the seven honor nominations.

Without further to add I present you the members of the jury: From United States of North America, from Seattle, and Washington, mister Joseph Roberts, a critic of art.

From Brooklyn, New York, mister Jeffrey Bishop, artist from United States, from Bolivia currently residing in the city of Guayaquil is mister Jose Pepe Luque, winner of the Watercolor Biennial of Ecuador.

From Ecuador is the famous artist and renowned internationally for his work, master Felix Arauz and lastly but not least is the Ecuadorian master Enrique Tabara, who is considered one of the best live painters of our time.

Thank you all very much.

Alvaro Noboa

Founder of the Museum