Summary of Newspaper Publications: Alvaro and Annabella Running Mates


In its Saturday, November 10, 2013 edition, Expreso Newspaper indicated that just like in the 2009 elections, the husband and wife team  of Álvaro Noboa and Annabella Azín would repeat  the same formula to try and capture power, and that they appeared happy after being designated by popular acclaim as the Vice-Presidential candidate for the PRIAN.

For its part, Universo Newspaper, in the Actualidad section, reveals that Annabella Azín accepted the nomination, to form, together with Álvaro Noboa, the third set of running mates for the elections in 2013.

Referring to the importance of the presidential tickets, El Comercio newspaper, in its Política section, emphasizes the three weighty factors in its formation:  regional and gender balance, which are the parameters by which they have been historically registered;  and a current addition, inter-culturalism, as consecrated by the Constitution.

Textual Headlines from the Local Press

El Universo

Los Vicepresidenciales se definen en la ultima semana

Imagen de la Pagina Web de Diario El Universo

Annabella Completa el Binomio del PRIAN

Imagen Tomada de la Pagina Web de Diario El Expreso

El Comercio
3 Factores pesan en formación de binomios

Imagen Tomada de la Pagina Web de Diario El Comercio

Imagen Tomada de la Pagina Web de Diario El Comercio


Los esposos Noboa Azin Binomio Presidencial por el PRIAN 2013