SURVEY JULY 21, 2020


We have surveyed and asked: If the elections were tomorrow which of these candidates would vote for, they are now pre-candidates …… Lasso, Guillermo Lasso, Isidro Romero who appeared yesterday, Álvaro Noboa who practically yesterday said he was going; Celi, Guillermo Celi of SUMA who also spoke yesterday, Balda who spoke in previous days, Gutiérrez, the former President Gutiérrez who has already said it on several occasions that he is going, the candidate chosen by the Social Christian party within his lines, the candidate of Correa’s party group, Jairala and stop counting, we spy on them.

The result was as follows: Lasso 5.55% of these 54 valid calls because there were 60 calls in these 10 minutes, Isidro Romero 5.55%, Álvaro Noboa 46.29%, Celi, nada, Balda, nada, Gutiérrez 1.85%, Partido Social Cristiano, any candidate chosen by the Partido Social Cristiano 12.96%, whoever chooses Correa’s party or his people, 25.92%, Jairala 1.85% …… ..that This is what our dear economist wants to tell us, there has always been talk of a hard vote in the country, a belt of approximately 30% and he always gives us this trend between 20 and 30, 20 and 30, which means that his hard vote something could have gone down, but it continues to hold more than 20% to this day, it is not true, but it also tells us that Alvarito or Álvaro Noboa every day, everyone knows him as Alvarito, is getting stronger .