The ADELANTE Ecuatoriano Adelante party defined its candidates for Assembly members during a convention held on Saturday, November 12, 2016, in Guayaquil at its headquarters located in downtown.
Alvaro Noboa, the leader of the organization, pointed out that the list of candidates for a seat in the Assembly is made up of “ordinary citizens,” because for him, all of them have the right to be candidates.
He reiterated that citizens are “against corrupt professional politicians,” so by following that line, his party drew up its lists of candidates for assembly members “with young people who have no history of corruption.” “We are looking for well educated, honest individuals who have no history of corruption. We are mostly looking for people who are not politicians,” said the Ecuadorian businessman.
Meanwhile, Sylka Sanchez, director in Guayas of this political movement, said that the list of candidates for the Assembly would be officially announced in the coming hours through a statement.

The businessman reiterated that he would not resume his nomination and once again called for opposition presidential hopefuls Cynthia Viteri, Guillermo Lasso, and Paco Moncayo, to resign and launch a single candidate who represents the change. The goal: to beat Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas. According to Noboa, this election will be defined in a single round.

“I have asked that the four primary candidates of the country Guillermo Lasso, Cynthia Viteri, Paco Moncayo, and Alvaro Noboa to decline because they represent more than 40% of the vote, and launch a single candidate and thus win over Moreno-Glas, the presidential duo of the Government. I think it is an excellent strategy, but we must leave aside the vanity and not seek to shine but let Ecuador shine,” said Alvaro Noboa.