The greatest economic activity that is generated in the country the banana

Ecuadorians, banana farming is the economic activity that generates more jobs in Ecuador. It’s not oil; it’s not shrimp, it’s not coffee or cocoa.
If the banana industry were to fail, more than two million people would remain unemployed in the country, and hundreds of thousands of people who make a living in the banana industry would end up jobless too.
We are currently going through that risk.
Because although there is a law, which is clear, which says that exporters have to pay USD 6.26 for a forty-one and a half pounds box of bananas. At present, 100 small exporters who do not comply with the law pay USD 2.00 per box.
In other words, Ecuadorians, the country would lose one billion two hundred thousand dollars for every 300 million cartons. No state nor private pocket can endure that!
And this is just corrected because it is already established in the law, and Bonita, Dole, Del Monte, Reybanpac, we, the largest companies in the country, pay the official price.
But I repeat, 100 small exporters, many of them illegal, pay just USD 2.00 to the producer for a banana box.
What is happening? This fruit that reaches international markets is given away.
What is going on? Large exporters such as Dole, such as Bonita, Reybanpac, Del Monte, also have to lower their selling price abroad and thus, subjected to a crisis.
Hence, I denounce this before the authorities of Ecuador, so that it is corrected immediately and the law is enforced.
Whoever does not pay the official price of the banana box, has to pay the difference, and if he doesn´t, the official price must be given to the producer with the money of the export guarantee.
Please, rulers of the nation, let us save this great fruit called banana and that is the largest generator of jobs in Ecuador.
Glory to God Ecuadorians!
Long live Ecuador!