1. Next to the Engabao port, in Ecuador, an alleged drug trafficking center, a poor fishermen port, which according to the legend, carried the drug to transatlantic ships offshore. In a neighboring hacienda to the port of Engabao, a fisherman invades a large area with ocean view and, usurped entirely illegally and suspiciously, transfers it to attorney Javier Valverde, who built several houses without a building permit, because according to the land registry, these belong to another person who is the rightful owner.


One of these houses is given to Luis Fernando Heinert and in addition, another house is accessed and used by Carlos Alvarado Espinel (brother of Vinicio Alvarado-Secretary General of the Public Administration and man of great confidence of the head of state-). Attorney Valverde is also the lawyer of the Engabao notorious case, in which the defendants were released from prison after changing surprisingly several judges who refused to release them until the last judge did it despite they had committed serious crimes.


Neither is clear the origin of the funds to build the aforementioned houses, because it is not justified according to the IRS, nor with the fisherman incomes, nor with attorney Javier Valverde´s incomes, whose last payment of income taxes was $ 22.184, considering such investment as the costs of the houses and the development cost of this area. All this occurs in a land invaded by third parties accroding to the municipal land registry and the property register. Worldwide authorities are being informed to check if there is money laundering, if there is any relationship with drug traffickers and other crimes.


  1. We are also doing a thorough investigation of the details of the small plane that carryies drugs and landed in La Clementina ranch, a “hacienda” owned by the state, because the country was never properly informed about this.



  1. Details are also being investigated about the drug that was carried to Italy inside handcrafted figures, into the diplomatic pouch of Ecuador, because the country was neither properly informed about this.


  1. Since you terminated the agreement with the United States to control drug trafficking with specializaed aircraft and surveillance radars from Manta, Ecuador, and replaced this with Chinese radars that never worked, drug trafficking has flourished in Ecuador.


Economist Correa: you are not a trafficker but there is a lot of drug trafficking in your administration.


Your term of office is over. We do not want to celebrate your 95th birthday with you in power as did Fidel Castro. The country is broken and full of corruption and drugs.


Resign and leave in good terms before it’s too late and the country becomes a time box.


Glory to God!

Long live Ecuador!

Go Ecuador Go!


Alvaro Noboa

[email protected]


This will be published simultaneously in major newspapers worldwide where there is free press,even if this is not allowed to be disseminated in Ecuadorian media