Tribute from Álvaro Noboa to Gustavo Negrete for his 50 Years in the Noboa Corporation


Despite having a tight political campaign agenda, Álvaro Noboa, PRIAN List 7 candidate for President of the Republic took part and presided over an act of homage for Gustavo Negrete, for 50 years of service as the manager of Industrial Molinera, one of the principle businesses of the Grupo Noboa.

The highly placed executive, whose golden anniversary coincided with his retirement, received the praise and messages of thanks from his work colleagues, as well as the head of the business group, Álvaro Noboa, who drew attention to the professionalism and the courage of he who had begun as a collaborator with his father, Luis Noboa, fifty years ago. Negrete retires from the highest position of responsibility, General Manager, of one of the most successful companies in of the holding, Industrial Molinera.

“He was already working in the business area with my father when I was a boy; he continued working, after the Industrial Molinera was founded, with a very important figure in the history of Ecuador, who is Engineer León Febres Cordero; he worked with Isidro Romero and was the person responsible, together with them, of the growth of this industry, which has been a great pride for all of us, given that more than just being a symbolic, very well positioned industry… it is a solid industry, without debts, with syndicates, with an excellent owner-worker relationship, without any major problems with any State institution, and therefore it is a model business.”

The honoree, Gustavo Negrete, recalled anecdotes from his professional trajectory and recognized the support of his work, both from the founder of the company as well as the current head, Álvaro Noboa, drawing attention to his virtues and capabilities as a leader and administrator. 

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