Noboa To Denounce The Hatching Of Electora Fraud To The OAS

PRIAN Presidential hopeful, Álvaro Noboa indicated in a press conference that he will denounce the possible electoral fraud that could take effect in the elections to be held next February 17, to the Organization of American States (OAS).

The candidate declared: “That’s the way frauds are constructed! Is there going to be electoral fraud in Ecuador?  Ecuadorians themselves should say, after they have been given all the information.”

In a government publication, breaking all the regulations of the National Electoral Counsel, they take an entire page to publish a survey by Cuesta, who works for the government, about how all of the polls or surveys by the different candidates put Rafael Correa at 47%, and that the average of all the other candidates is at 1%. In that way, it’s easy to surprise Ecuador by stating that Correa swept the vote, because it appears as if no other candidate has more than 1%, according to Mr. Cuesta.

They make an exception with Mr. Guillermo Lasso, who they give 7.98%. Mr. Lasso, who gave money to Mr. (Rafael) Correa during the 2006 campaign, who was with Jamil Mahuad in ’98, and with Lucio in 2002, and so it appears that he has a good relationship with Mr. Correa, and they took pity on him and gave him 7.98%. But everything is less: Lucio (Gutiérrez), (Nelson) Zavala, (Álvaro) Noboa, (Norman) Wray, (Alberto) Acosta, an average of 1%, that is laughable. But is it the way to brainwash Ecuadorians in order to prepare the way for electoral fraud? That’s the question I ask myself.

We have a survey in which Correa has 35%, Álvaro Noboa has 26%, (Guillermo) Lasso has 8%.

So we are going to continue denouncing to the OAS once more, although we know that the only thing that can stop the electoral fraud is the Ecuadorian people. 

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