Álvaro Noboa at the Talkshow “Road to Elections” with Andrés Carrion

Álvaro Noboa:  En less than one year we will reactivate the economy

In an interview given to Canal Uno, conducted by journalist Andrés Carrión, the PRIAN List 7 candidate for President of the Republic,  Álvaro Noboa explained that his Noboa Plan would reactivate the economy of the country, generating employment and fighting social problems like unemployment, crime and notably improving attention to healthcare, education, housing and infrastructure in marginal neighborhoods and small cities throughout the country.

“I have a plan that I call the Noboa Plan, which is for the economic reactivation of Ecuador. Under that plan, we are going to attract a thousand big companies to the country.”

He stated that the key to the reactivation would be the lowering of taxes and the elimination of tributes.  “They are tributes like when Caesar was collecting them in Rome, which impoverished them.”

He explained that under his plans he would lower from 23% to 10% on income tax, and he would promote judicial guarantees, workplace security, democratic institutionalism, and that he would do so with his international business friends, and via the web, publicity and other strategies, “like my friend (Ricardo) Martinelli, the President of Panama, where the system works and that country grew some 10% last year.

In an ample explanation, Noboa clarified that by attracting a thousand large companies, like Blackberry, Johnson & Johnson and others, the financial Treasury would receive more income, despite charging less.

And while we raise those plants and they install themselves, we will reactivate national production with tributary incentives, driving forward farmers, writing off and renegotiating debt, financing micro-enterprises, he pointed out.

He restated that by a thousand large companies coming to the country, he would generate some two million in jobs, and there would be more income to invest in social works. In that way, the number of persons receiving the Human Development Voucher would be reduced, and attention to health care, education and infrastructural works could be improved. He emphasized that the voucher would only be paid for 200,000 people for whom he would be able to raise it to $100 dollars. And greater resources available, they could provide paving for roads, water systems for drinking water and waste water for4 the most needy, both in the cities as well as in the country.

Upon concluding his interview, Álvaro Noboa stated that he invited Ecuadorians to vote for him and for the List 7, given that the elections were going to be a race between Álvaro Noboa and Rafael Correa, who, according to his polls would be the two finalists, and therefore he called for reflection on the vote and for it not to be wasted.