Álvaro Noboa to the Country and The World

Ecuadorians; citizens of the world,
We are going through the whole world and especially here in Ecuador, one of its worst moments in history, we have a lack of money to support a giant state of government that has caused a budget deficit.
Budget deficit that if it continues at the current rate, the salaries and medical services that the government must provide will not be able to be paid. We are also going through a virus crisis, a plague that kills more people throughout the world every day, even here in Ecuador and that everyone remains silent or does corrupt businesses to rob the Ecuadorian people and not heal them as I wish.
We have an international problem with our currency, since the government does not enforce the official minimum price of bananas and instead of paying six forty dollars, bananas are sold on the street to export at three and three fifty, that causes, I repeat, a very large monetary crisis, shrimp is experiencing the same crisis, oil is experiencing the same crisis, as the price of oil has gone down.
Personally, I have written to the President, I have sent messages to the Minister of Agriculture and I see the shadow of Correa, a criminal who has an arrest warrant in Belgium, backing candidates who are friends of his to finish sinking this country, we have to stop that All Ecuadorians have to stop what came from Correa, the correísmo that has done so much damage to this country and that is doing us more and more damage because the problem has been cumulative.
I will stand up for the fight, without changing my goal by a meter, my goal is to be more and more firm in my fight to end poverty and unemployment, my goal is the health of the Ecuadorian people, my goal is to end the Corruption, my goal is to end bad governments and everything that this brings us.
Glory to God… Long live Ecuador… !!