PRIAN Presidential candidate, Álvaro Noboa toured the province of Santa Elena today, January 11. The motorcade began from the Shopping Paseo on the Peninsula at 2pm.

During the tour for the Velasco Ibarra sector in Libertad, Álvaro Noboa delivered an industrial kneading machine, baking sheets for baking bread and several hundredweight of Super 4 flour and sugar, cartons of yeast, canisters of margarine and other tools to round out Orlando Reyes’ simple neighborhood bakery called “Orli” in honor of one of his two sons.

The bakery operates out of a humble cane store with a dirt floor and roofed with deteriorated sheets of zinc where Reyes only has the very basic requirements in order to sell only bread, and for which he pays a monthly rent of $30. With Álvaro Noboa’s donation via the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, the recipient will continue to work in his micro-business at the same time that he generates employment for residents of the sector.

Daily, Noboa tours different sectors and provinces of the country establishing micro-enterprises for those most in need, and which will form part of the “Álvaro Noboa” plan by which he demonstrates what his government will entail. All this under the campaign slogan: “I don’t promise, I give work.”

The inhabitants of the peninsula denounce the lack of basic service and ask the Presidential candidate for urgent assistance for their province. “Many sectors of the coast are in bad condition, without sewer systems, or drinking water. I will provide the resources necessary to change that…. I will provide the municipalities with the resources necessary to transform the neighborhoods that live without basic services,” stated Álvaro Noboa.

In his tour of the province of Santa Elena, he was accompanied by Sylka Sánchez, Roberto Ponce, and Eliana Azín, among other National Assembly members, as well as Roberto Vera, Mónica Mateo and Marcos Lainez (Santa Elena province).


Álvaro Noboa: Within our program, in which instead of throwing away money on the paper for advertising that no one sees and doesn’t help anyone, we are here in La Libertad in the “Orly” Bakery, together with Mr. Orlando Reyes, the owner of the bakery, and we are delivering to him a kneading machine, we are bringing him trays, we are bringing him flour, in order to equip his bakery so that he can work and he can also hire people to work with him. I would also like to take advantage of this moment to say to you that the complaint that I hear from the poor of Ecuador is that the cost of electricity is very high for the poor.  Here in the Santa Elena province, electricity costs more than in any other province in Ecuador. It’s the place where electricity is the most expensive. Second, these streets are unpaved, without gutters, they are dusty and there is a lack of water. That is what half of the coast of Ecuador is like and a part of the Sierra as well, and in my government I will give the municipalities enough money to transform these neighborhoods into middle class neighborhoods where they can have paved streets, where all the water is delivered through a canal system, which is today, one of the greatest needs of the poor of Ecuador.

Orland Reyes:  Thank you, Counselor. I hope that you will keep helping the poor who truly need it. Thank you very much.


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