Alvaro Noboa’s attorney clears up the SRI over the false accusation on the legality of the departure of the businessman

Dr. Sylka Sanchez, Alvaro Noboa´s attorney, requested, through a letter sent on April 18 of 2013, the Director of the Internal Revenue Service (SRI), Carlos Marx Carrasco, to deliver the documents and its respective annexes, that prove the affirmations on the illegal departure of the businessman on March 15.

That information does not match any real fact, since Lawyer Noboa left the country legally, after a Constitutional Judge granted him an habeas corpus which lifted the prohibition to leave the country, and that judgement, of March 20, remains in force, since no Ecuadorian Judge has revoked it; and, as provided in the Constitution, only a Judge of the Judicial function, not an administrative employee, can forbid a person to leave the country, says the letter.

Dr. Sanchez requests him to submit the official document issued by the SRI, with its respective annexes and proof of submission of the Ministry of Interior, in which it is communicated that Alvaro Noboa, allegedly left the country on March 15 of 2013; and, with which he could prove that the businessman entered the United States in that date.

It also explains the contents of the official document issued by the SRI and sent to the Ministry of Interior according to the “official information” provided by an alleged Attache of the Investigation Office of the National Security Department of the United States Government, as declared by Carrasco in Gamatv TV Station, on Wednesday April 17 of 2013 at 13h27, an also trough other mass communication media.

In the letter, the information is qualified as unusual, as it does not match any real fact. It reiterates that Lawyer Noboa left the country legally on March 20, and that she reserves the right to take the corresponding legal actions for moral damage and damage to the image, reputation and good name of Alvaro Noboa Ponton.

It also insists in the request to economist Cararsco to answer the Ecuadorian people about the pretension of the SRI to collect from Bananera Noboa, for the fiscal year of 2005, the sum of $49’206.895,28; while Dole, foreign company and the largest banana exporter in the world, that exported more fruit than Bananera Noboa, information registered in the Ministry of Agriculture, only payed  $700.136,37 for tax income in the same year; Chiquita $39.500,02; Reybanpac  $14.219,11; and, Del Monte $11.748,13.

Additionally, it is attached, a copy of the book “Alvaro Noboa, the political persecution and his Constitutional Resistance” from the legal author Jorge Zavala Egas, which contains a technical-legal analysis of “the eventful administrative procedures and legal processes derived from the tax resolution of the fiscal year of 2005 for the tax income imputed to Exportadora Bananera Noboa”.

Download Sylka Sanchez’s Letter to the IRS – Internal Revenue Service.