Alvaro Noboa, servant of God and of the people of Ecuador:

I have not stopped praying in recent days in which Ecuador is going through the greatest moral and economic crisis in history, of which, unfortunately, we are only in the beginning.

The current head of state has been subjected to great forces of evil, I would say the most evil people in the world. Drug traffickers who used the state of Ecuador itself, the government, the motherland, for the greatest evil humanity faces today and make it a victim of the drug.

These days all schools in Ecuador are visited by dealers who work for these mafias. And children aged 8, 9, 10 years old receive these doses of drug becoming drug addicts from a very young age. And when the school principals say they can not expel them from school, they contend it is because the rights of the children, and these kids have the right to education and the same police returns them to school, creating a vicious circle.

So they have used farms administered by the State to traffic drugs, they have used diplomatic pouches to smuggle drugs. Judges have been changed several times until finally criminals are released, this happens in this country.

Economist Rafael Correa, an idealist man, who is not a dealer, when he won the elections in 2006 with me, he wanted to change Ecuador.

But today he is only a victim of these large mafias. This has made that this young idealist who wanted to be like Che Guevara had totally changed his personality, this young man who worked as a selfless professor earning $ 600 or $ 400 has two or three private planes, one that costs 40 million and the other, well I don´t know how much. For this young idealist who lives the life of a billionaire it´s too late. He is already trapped and in these eight years, after having received 260,000 million, the Ecuadorian people remain impoverished, and when we visit poor neighborhoods, but apparently there are better salaries, there is still the same poverty and money is never enough. And that is what is happening today in Ecuador.

Taxes are every day are up, up, and up, and the same have made the family shopping basket nowadays one of the most expensive in the world. And taxes are making you poorer, they have you in that state of poverty. The rich are not the ones who are making you poor, Correa is the one that is making you poor.

Now he also wants to threaten the middle class. A son of a taxi driver who studied with me in the San Jose High School. Who studied with me at the state university, the son of a worker who made the effort to educate his son and turn him into middle class. So he has a car, a house, a profession. He wants through that law of inheritance make these people poor again. After he and his father spent their lives working. He wants to take everything when they die and give it to the state si he can travel in 40 million planes.

That can no longer be changed and neither do we want to celebrate his 95th birthday in power as Fidel Castro did. Nor do we want that in the upcoming elections he is re-elected again with 95% of the votes through the control of powers.

So we ask Mr. Correa that before there is a civil war, that before this country becomes as a dangerous place for humanity as happened with Panama under the government of Noriega, as happened with Afghanistan, which had to be invaded, to make a soul-searching and say: “I am no longer the young idealist and I was, and I as the decent man I am, I´ll go right now, if possible, to the United Nations, and before all the presidents I’m going to ask forgiveness to the mankind and to the Ecuadorian people, I’m going to resign before God and before the Ecuadorian people.”

Only in this way, getting rid of these gangs formed by Assembly members, and courts, we could return to true democracy, and we can bring new investors to this country. All those dollars that Ecuadorians have taken out will come back, the faith that has been lost by Ecuadorians will be recovered, we´ll be able to finally say Hail oh homeland! without feeling any fear, without feeling any fear.

Economist Correa will think for a moment, as it has happened in this administration: I will punish Noboa, but I’m too old to be punished.

I want to tell economist Correa that only God has the right to punish me and if God decides to punish me like Job, I’m willing to take the punishment of God.

And I’ll keep loving God and the people of Ecuador even in the deepedy poverty, and I´ll keep loving my family in the deepest poverty because nobody, in the world is going to take away from me the love for God, the love for my family, for Ecuadorians, for _my loved ones, which is the most valuable thing in my heart.