Álvaro Noboa Supports Small Farmers

During his tour of the Salitre region, PRIAN Presidential candidate, Álvaro Noboa, was able to witness the needs that they are experiencing. He observed the lack of basic services, of schools, unpaved streets without traffic signals, sick children, adults and elderly people, all asking in unison for urgent assistance.

Noboa declared that in the same way that they develop micro-enterprises in the city, he would develop businesses in the rural areas, especially in livestock.

“I am in the “Los Quemados” finca of Jorge Quinto and we are donating this Brahmin reproductive bull so that he can work and develop his livestock business. Besides that, we are delivering a series of veterinary products for de-worming and other processes.”

Noboa emphasized that these are not gifts, but rather tools for working that he delivers daily so that Ecuadorians can develop their micro-enterprises.

Noboa’s wish is to eradicate poverty in the country, his aspiration is to attract foreign investment, and to bring a thousand large companies to Ecuador.

The tour began at 3.30 pm from the T in Salitre, where Noboa was joined by Assembly Member candidates for District 4 (Karina Mendoza, Ronald Cantos, Romina Calderon, Edwin Hurtado and Ivette Aguello) and continued all through Salitre.



Ecuadorians, I am here in the farm of Jorge Quinto called “Los Quemados”, between Daule and Salitre. It’s a 4-hectare farm. Quinto is a small farmer, who works and develops his cattle. Besides which, we are delivering a series of veterinary products for de-worming and other processes. Please, have these. Congratulations, and develop your cattle! Thank you!

In the same way that we have developed micro-enterprises in the city, we are now looking at the ways in which we can develop businesses in the countryside. One of those businesses is cattle raising. So we are giving this reproductive bull to Mr. Jorge Quinto will be able to develop his cattle here.

For thirty-three years we have been working in the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, who when they see us, or see Mr. Mariano Santos, who is the General Coordinator of the Foundation, they present the cases and we support them in everything. What Ecuador needs for Ecuadorians is work, and this is a means of supporting jobs. We are not giving a gift here to be consumed, we are giving tools of work.

Jorge Quinto:  I thank Álvaro Noboa for having given me this bull.