Government Proposal of Álvaro Noboa

Alvaro Noboa - Un desarrollo marcado en la educacion y la salud ecuador

Álvaro Noboa (Source: Hoy Newspaper)

On Sunday, December 9, Hoy newspaper published the precise proposals of candidate for President of the Republic and PRIAN leader, Álvaro Noboa, based on the efficiency  of the public sector.

Priority of state investment in education, healthcare, environmental sanitation, massive transport systems and individual security.

Modern equipment for 25,000 educational centers that envisages providing schools with basic computer services and internet. Full time teachers and their specialization.

Free school food provision and priority on the teaching of English and exact sciences.

Public and private credits for the integral development of the agricultural sector, aimed at research, technology and infrastructure.

Universities will be transformed into centers of research and development; specialized agricultural schools will be created. Research will be oriented towards agricultural production.

Investment of 6 billion dollars for the planning and construction of a massive urban and national transport system; an electric-powered train for routes:  Tulcán-Riobamba, Quito-Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas-Guayaquil.

Productive Rehabilitation Centers.  Immediate hearing and sentencing for minor crimes carrying sentences of up to one year. The centers will be transformed into centers of production to ensure rehabilitation and access to work.

All government employees, including judges, will be submitted to international evaluations with parameters of honesty, efficiency and productivity.

Government companies will be evaluated for outcomes.  Those that do not generate profits will be declared unproductive. This procedure will change bad public administration.

Accelerated processing that should be handled within a 3-day timeframe for the creation of businesses.

Priority to be given to infrastructure and loans to the hotel sector. The objective is to encourage tourism and to transform Ecuador into a destination country with more than two million foreign visitors.

Scholarship for top students for study abroad in centers of the highest renown.  Employment and good compensation is assured for those who return to the country.  1 BILLION DOLLARS IS EARMARKED.

Police stations will be changed into agencies of criminal investigation. Police legislation will be modified to achieve the professionalization of the police force. Mayors and Chiefs of Police will coordinate the tasks for the prevention of crime and for control.

Transformation of legal norms to regulate working hours and seasons.

Less taxes, more contributors. The establishment of clear rules regarding the payment of taxes under the principle that lower taxes incentivizes investment is proposed.

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