Noboa Goes Up In The Polls And Leaves Correa Behind

PRIAN Presidential candidate, Attorney Álvaro Noboa, together with Assembly Member candidates toured the principal routes of the city of Cuenca today.

Upon his arrival at “Mariscal Lamar” Airport, Noboa spoke with the press, expressing his feeling of happiness for having gone up in the polls, and leaving behind the incumbent candidate.

“Ecuadorians, I am very happy, given that in the last polls I received the news that we have only a 4 point difference from Correa, and that he continues to go down while I continue to rise. Therefore, February 17, it could be that I am first in the second round as happened in 2006, when Correa said that he was going to win in only one round, and he came in second to Álvaro Noboa.

The victory Is owed to the ‘Noboa Plan’, which consists of generating more jobs, raising the Development Voucher to $100, having free and open universities, without restricted places, and without an entrance exam. My proposal is so that farmers finally make a profit, a better commercialization, and cheaper supplies.”

In regards to the fine imposed by the Electoral Disputes Tribunal, the banana magnate indicated that he would pay the amount set by the same, but that he would return to his helping the poor via the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, after the elections.

“We are in disagreement with the fine by the Electoral Disputes Tribunal, but we are going to pay it because lawyers would cost me more than the amount of the fine. I am not going to continue helping the blind due to the prohibition of the Tribunal, nor the mute, nor the deaf, nor the handicapped, nor the unemployed, but I will do so after February 17.”

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