[VIDEO] Álvaro Noboa keeps Warning Ecuador about the Inminent Future of the Banana Industry [JUL-05-2012]

Alvaro Noboa gathered again the Ecuadorian media to warn the country about the illegal banana crate prices that are being given to the producers. He indicated that price should be $5,50 and that the Chief of State and the Agriculture Minister should take hands on the issue.

Noboa also affirmed that if the problem is not solved, the Ecuadorian banana industry will enter a crisis that will affect this national export product. And that all the banana companies will have economic hardships, causing them to pay low salaries, and not buy enough protection against crop plagues.

We share this video where Alvaro Noboa informs to the country:


In Defense of Ecuador Farmers

The banana producer continues to receive between $ 2 and $ 2.50 instead of the official Price which is $ 5.50 on the part of many exporters. This in a few weeks, because of the lack of liquidity on the part of producers, will cause an outbreak of sigatoka in haciendas and many, many farms will have to close their operations and fire peasants, causing the largest wave of unemployment on the coast region in its recent history.

The solution is that the Head of State and the Minister of Agriculture call those exporters who are not complying with the law and require them to pay the official price of $ 5.50.

From all the banana industry we demand the authorities that, because that is what we expect to get out of this great banana crisis.