Alvaro Noboa will file a lawsuit against the Ecuadorian state before the ICHR


Yesterday afternoon, legal representatives of international businessman Alvaro Noboa, announced that they will sue the Ecuadorian state before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, for the collection processes carried out by the Internal Revenue Service (SRI, for its spanish acronym), for an alleged millionaire debt by tax evasion in 2005.

The attorneys conducted a press conference at the Eloy Alfaro room located in the Convention Centre of Guayaquil, where Pedro Granja, one of the sponsors, made the announcement of their travel to Washington to file the legal claim before the ICHR for “the permanent violation” of the Ecuadorian Government against Alvaro Noboa.

“We are going to present a specific action against the Ecuadorian state, which, trough Carlos Marx Carrasco, has been persecuting one of the most powerful companies of this country, Bananera Noboa Exporting Company”.

Granja also made clear that the individual petition, which will be presented by Alvaro Noboa himself, will be adjoined to the petition of precautionary measures. He assured that they will continue to process their claim with the legal instances of the country, but this not prevent them to handle the case abroad.

“Let Carlos Marx Carrasco know that Alvaro Noboa Ponton is going to pay, but the amount determined by the judges within a constitutionalised due process (…)”.

The announcement was made only two weeks from the execution of the auction of the assets seized from Noboa by the tax entity, which are valued at $ 136’019.148, and include six planes, two yachts, nine vehicles, seven lands located in the Playas canton and the Hacienda La Clementina.

“We are going to make public, in the next days, the list of several companies that are under collection processes, which owe million dollars to the state yet their assests have not been seized, not even a matchbox”, said Noboa.