El Nuevo Herald

The american newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, published on November 11th 2013,  a press release by attorney Roberto Ponce Noboa regarding the political persecution led by the SRI to the company SRI hacia Exportadora Bananera Noboa.

Here is the press release:

It is true or not Mr. Carlos Marx, that the I.R.S. gathers assorted T.V. Channel advertisement, personal and state resources all in an effort to present Exportadora Bananera Noboa as the only enterprise in Ecuador which deserves to be driven into bankruptcy under the audacious accusation of unpaid state taxes?

Is it true or not Mr. Carlos Marx that your office does not proceed in the same manner with other taxpayers who are heavily in debt with the I.R.S.?

Is it true or not Mr. Carlos Marx that your attitude towards other banana exporters such as Dole, Chiquita, and Del Monte is a lot less confrontational? Why do you seek to collect one hundred times more from us than from them?

Why do your lawyers prevent us from defending ourselves in court and refuse to grant us an appeal for review as with others?

We earnestly do not believe that a public officer such as yourself would fail to understand those reasons based on the law which we have made public, which , in violation of the law, you believe to be empowered to constantly enunciate in the press that there is no human power on earth nor any juridical argument with the power to prevent the Clementina farm from being auctioned off thereby revealing your sinister desire to inflict harm on an enterpriser group which generates employment for a vast number of Ecuadorians.



Attorney Roberto Ponce Noboa


Bananera Noboa Exporting Company


Dr. Juan Vizueta Ronquillo


Bananera Noboa Exporting Company