[AUDIO] Alvaro Noboa and Alfonso Harb’s Interview by Radio Atalaya 680 AM

Alvaro Noboa and Alfonso Harb’s Interview by Radio Atalaya 680 AM. Alvaro Will came to the country, The Political Persecution Continues and The Presidential Elections 2013.


During an interview with Radio Atalaya this morning, Noboa, referring to the political persecution against him carried out by the IRS stated, literally:

“Carlos Marx has done me terrible harm, accusing me of being a tax evader, attacking my honor, my good name and my prestige.”

This situation should be resolved today or tomorrow, stated Noboa, for which “I invite him to a debate in order to explain everything that I have been denouncing all along.”

Carlos Marx should explain:

Why he is collecting $700,000 dollars from Dole, and $98,000,000 dollars from Bananera Noboa?

Why hasn’t he audited them like he has audited Bananera Noboa?

Why has he threatened Judge Poslligua and managed to get the Court to declare an order of imprisonment against him because he declared a protective judicial measure in favor of Bananera Noboa? 

Why, on the day that the CNE approved my party, the PRIAN, with the greatest number of affiliates, he ordered the seizing of goods from various companies of the Grupo Noboa, and issued a new demand for payment?

Why does he prohibit me from leaving the country when, according to the Constitution, only a judge can declare this measure?

Carlos Marx, concluded Noboa, should respond publicly in a debate, and Ecuador should know the truth regarding the actions of this functionary, which are shameful in this country, and in those democratic countries where justice exists because of an independence of powers, something which is not the case in Ecuador.