[AUDIO] Alvaro Noboa’s Interview in Radio Sucre

What’s the deal between Carlos Marx and Dole Company that he is charging it less taxes??

In an interview carried out by Vicente Arroba, Radio Sucre, Álvaro Noboa, insisted that the media should ask the Director of the SRI, Carlos Marx, why he charged seven hundred thousand dollars to Dole Corporation if it’s the company which sells more bananas in Ecuador, instead he charges Bananera Noboa, for that same year, 98 million dollars with fines.

“What’s the deal between Carlos Marx and Dole corporation that he is charging them less taxes?”

Noboa assured, for the second time, that, Economist Rafael Correa, met with the owner of Dole in his office. 

“The ecuadorians know that I’m a victim of a political persecucution.”

Something very important , pointed out Noboa, is that the Treasury establishes a 4% over and charges 1.5% in advance for  income tax, if Bananera Noboa sold 220 million dollars, in 2005, its profits were 8 million dollars, meaning that the income tax should have been 2 million dollars. The banana business was good at that time.”

“The 98 million dollars are a magic number invented by Carlos Marx.”  To be able to pay that amount of money, he said, Bananera Noboa, should have sold two thousand million dollars. “That’s why, during  my interview with CNN, the journalist made clear that the amount they are charging  him for income tax are way larger than the profits.”