Alvaro Noboa stated his position clearly about topics like international relationships, ALBA country members and Iran. ALBA is formed by countries which leaders are from the extreme Left, friends with Fidel Castro, such as Chavez, Morales, Ortega, for that matter “I will talk to them, respecting the mutual agreements if they mean growth and development for the country, and welfare for the people.” said Noboa.

“I don’s resent the iranian people, but if, the United Nations had taken measures against Iran for its nuclear policy, I will respect that decision.”

Noboa declares that he is a man from the Left in the social area, and a right man in the production one; capitalism to generate wealth and employment, socialism to provide education, health care and welfare. “China is a perfect example, although is a communist country, its doors are open to foreign capital in order to promote development.”

“I will be President of Ecuador to lead my country to the first world and put an end to poverty, which continues to increase in Correa’s government thanks to his state dictatorial policies which are against the freedom of speech and business entrepreneurship.”