Dr. Jorge Zavala plead that judges comply with the Government

During the audience against Judge Augusto Posligua, accused of malfeasance, his defense attorney, Dr. Jorge Zavala Egas, said: “This process will make history for one reason: here we are going to see the real role of the judges, their dignity and independence”.

Once the resolution was issued by the President of the Provincial Justice Court of Guayas, Francisco Morales, he immediately passed a 60 days order for preventive imprisonment against Juge Posliguia, for that, Zavala Egas denounced: ” It’s unbelievable that in this country, the judges and prosecutors continue to stick to the public power”

The preventive measure granted in favor of Bananera Noboa by Judge Posligua is “to prevent that their own judicial guardianship be frustrated by an irreparable and irreversible damage. These are the people rights against the ones with the power”, emphasized Zavala.