Fraudulence on the auction of La Clementina Plantation

Bananera Noboa Exporter informs to the public that the Internal Revenue Service continues its actions contrary to National Law and, therefore, without legal justification either law or justice of no level. He has now posted on its website that La Clementina Plantation will be auctioned and is necessary to know the following:

1. The Internal Revenue Service assure that the acres that make the total plantation area are 12,085, which is false, as this conforms to 7,326 hectares, of which 2,200 hectares are protected forest, the plantation has productive capacity of 5,126 hectares. If we ask how does the Internal Revenue Service gets to that number of hectares that advertises, there is only one explanation , It makes a combo! Cause it is adding 1,103 hectares of the Rio Playon Plantation and 3,655 acres that make up the El Tejano Plantation. Both Rio Playon as El Tejano are different and belongs to different companies.

The fraudulence it manifest.

Moreover, according to our legal system that sequestration and the auction is null and void, because the enforcement procedure is suspended for the following:

1) The trial of exceptions number 114-2012 which is substantiated by the Fourth Chamber of the Tax Court of Guayaquil.

2) Direct Action lawsuit 087-2013 its processing in the Second Chamber of the Court itself became the responsibility of the National Court of Justice under appeal.

3) The third exclusionary of the domain will submit the owner of theLa Clementina Plantation.

In addition there have been resources for complaint against enforcement officer for their arbitrary actions.

Everything we say can be corroborated with ease in the respective Land Registry in the Fourth, Second and First Chambers of the District Attorney of Guayaquil court.

Without further comments, it is a corollary fraudulent auction advertised by a photo taken from the air to the lands of the El Tejano Plantation and saying that this is La Clementina Plantation.


Ab. Roberto Ponce


Exportadora Bananera Noboa

Dr. Jorge Zavala Egas

C.I. 0903667335