Noboa family proposes a third arrangement alternative with the IRS

Guayaquil, October 21 of 2013.


His Excellency

President of the Republic of Ecuador

Dr. Rafael Correa Delgado.



To whom it may concern:

It is public knowledge, that there is a controversial situation between Bananera Noboa Export and the  Internal Revenue Service that has been in litigation for about four years. During this time Bananara Noboa Export has submitted to the Internal Revenue Service information and documented approaches without achieving favorable response from that Entity.

Given that there are two different positions on the 2005 tax assessment, the one from Bananara Noboa Export and the other from the Internal Revenue Service, we have suggested, in order to find a solution to this tax controversy, prepare a third formula or method called “Methodology for Transactional Operating Profit Margin”,  this technical proposal and duly supported has formally presented to the Internal Revenue Service but until now, there is not an official reply.

By the above and while the reviewing of our proposal  request , we ask for your timely intervention to suspend the auction and payment process announced by the Internal Revenue Service and to receive us to explain and present personally on the day and time you designate, the reasons that assist us in this righteous requirement.


We thank you in advance for your attention to this.




alvaro noboa family signatures