Noboa wins ’round’ to Marx Carrasco

Visibly angry, the director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Carlos Marx Carrasco, said the case that continues against Exportadora Noboa – for alleged irregularities in the tax return-, suffered a setback.
The Board of Tax Disputes and the National Court of Justice ruled in favor of the Exporter within the demand that follows the IRS for an amount of USD 86 million, plus interest, against the company.

That means that the appeal brought by lawyers of the firm and the one that challenge the verdict of the Tax Court of Guayas second division, which gave the right to IRS, was accepted, and therefore, the charge is irrelevant. “This statement has surprised us.

It is inexplicable. They did not even join us at the time of sentencing. we were notified only after it. It is an outrage. It is an unprecedented in the administration of justice in the world.

“They void the actions taken by the judges of the Prosecutor “, said Director of the Revenue, yesterday.

In addition, the staff focused its questions directly against the judges from the Chamber of the Court, particularly against his head, José Vicente Troya. This newspaper tried to contact Troya, yesterday at 19:00, through his communication consultant Fabian Aguirre, but we received a negative response.

Marx Carrasco, however, said he will not stand with folded arms. “We are asking for the revocation of the ruling of the Court. And if we do not gain access to the revocation, we will lodged an extraordinary action for protection. The case is delayed, but not closed.”

IRS announced on May 12 that Exportadora Noboa, Alvaro Noboa’s property, should pay a millionaire sum for a glos in the payment of the Internal Revenue Service 2005.

From that moment on, the struggle has shifted to the courts and even Noboa filed a criminal complaint against Marx Carrasco that is still being heard.