Press Conference Alvaro Noboa [Feb-11th-2011]

In the year 2005 Bananera Noboa exported banana crates in about $ 5 each crate. When we see the IRS gloss, they boast, the earnings per crate is more than $ 5 this means that Bananera Noboa had no expenses for the purchase of fruit, no spending on employees, neither on internal transportation, or all needed expenses to export. That is why we claim that we are being charged $ 90 million while Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte $ 250,000 on average. Why is there no relation? They consider us as if we are gaining more than 360 times what they earn. We ask to be allowed to go to a court and defend ourselves in a public trial to show all these absurd to Ecuador and thus, to stop the political persecution.
Thank you very much.