Press Conference: Alvaro Noboa’s Clarification (Video)


Economist Carlos Marx Carrasco, IRS representatives and Ecuadorians. I assure all of you that I am neither the legal representative nor the Director of the Exportadora Bananera
Noboa S.A., therefore it is unnecessary for the media to publicly mention me every time they refer to Bananera Noboa. For that reason, I, in gentlemanly fashion, excused myself in advance from the IRS meeting with economist Carlos Marx Carrasco in Quito regarding Bananera Noboa’s affairs. Not being the exporter’s legal representative, it does not correspond to my duties to take part of this meeting and I am respectful of the law and authorities.

If I have appeared in the media before, it was to condemn the fact that, in order to pursue me, they have imposed unfair charges against Bananera Noboa.

I clarify once more that, not being Bananera Noboa’s legal representative, it is not my duty to go, in the name of Bananera Noboa, to the IRS meetings and court trials of that company.

Thank you very much, and God bless you all.

Alvaro Noboa