SRI Cancelled All Actions Against Bananera Noboa

On September 27 2012, the SRI declared the nullity of all actions taken, since May 19 2010, to collect a debt that was qualified by the company as arbitrary and illegal. The SRI, also lifted the preventive measures on real state and personal properties from the company corporate body and  other people connected to Bananera Noboa by the SRI.

In a public announcement titled: The SRI unmasked before the whole world, Bananera Noboa voices that this resolution proves that the company was right to start this fight in may of 2010. “The declared nullity shows that for two years, every affirmation was true and the ones from the SRI were false, and that our legal actions were justified and were only defeated by political power.” “Legal reason was always on our side affirming that the official demand for payment and the coercive administrative proceeding were always, instruments of political persecution“.

We have defeated the political machine which runs the SRI, our legal fight has prevailed, and its strength has relied on the truth, adds the communication, however, the consequences are horrific: immeasurable moral damages, gigantic economic losses, and to be more horrified, A JUDGE IN PRISON FOR BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, NOW ACKNOWLEDGED BY OUR OWN ACCUSER. THIS TRUTH SHOWS THE POLITICAL PUTREFACTION THAT SURFACES WHEN THE SRI MASK FALLS.